Die Hahn Produktion Mittelfest 1992

Cividale, Italy

The theatre festival MITTELFEST took place in Cividale, Italy, for the second time in July 1992. Conceived as the artistic expression of the welding together of an economic, political and cultural hexagon consisting of Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, the MITTELFEST’s artistic helm is in the hands of a different hexagon director each year.

George Tabori, the director of the festival in 1992, took Franz Kafka as the central theme of the MITTELFEST. In close co-operation with Tabori HAHN PRODUKTION was responsible for the selection, preparation and implementation of the co-productions and guest performances with the six countries.

Kafka im Herbst 1992


This was the motto for several Kafka productions and Kafka-style events which took place all around the Munich city area in September 1992.

In co-production with theatres from Krakow Poland, and Hungary together with Munich artists, works were created specially for Munich playhouses as well as rather more unusual venues.