Die Hahn Produktion Russische Kulturtage in Deutschland 2003/2004

Russische Kulturtage

This cultural festival was highly successful with public and critics alike, taking place over the period of nearly a year in more than 20 cities in the Federal Republic of Germany. The “Russischen Kulturtage in Deutschland” were planned and financed by the Federal Foreign Office together with the Russian Ministry of Cultural Affairs under the umbrella of the “

Deutsch-Russischen Kulturbegegnungen 2003-2004

Kultur Kultur

Deutsch-Russischen Kulturbegegnungen 2003-2004.”

The following write-ups provide a selection of the reviews which appeared in the press, describing the various performances of the Russischen Kulturtage:

Opera „Life with an Idiot“: "The amazing opera "Life with an Idiot" by Alfred Schnittke is also being shown as part of the festival. This biography has succeeded in illustrating the relationship between Germany and Russia in a truly paradigmatic manner." a & a, Nr. 3/ 2003

Theatre of Modern Dance Olga Pona, Chelyabinsk:

divina divina

“Staring into Eternity” and “Waiting” in the Reithalle, Munich: “Despite the noticeable presence of traditional elements, they do not appear dated, but provide living material as the starting point for a curious and playful fresh begin.” Süddeutsche Zeitung, 20.02.2004

Theatre “Provincial Dances“ Ekaterinburg:

theatre theatre

Theatre “Provincial Dances“ Ekaterinburg: Flights while drinking tea in the Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster: “The packed house cheered as the Russian company “Provincial Dances” brought its somnambulant dance spectacle to a close on the drenched stage.” Westfälische Nachrichten, 17.02.2004

modern tanz modern tanz

"The Seugull" directed by Andrej Sholdak: “This production, which is being shown as part of the Russische Kulturtage, is extremely good, relishingly evil, at times moving, but always optimistic.” Russki Berlin, 26.01.2004

Photoexhibition "Circus": “The Russian House in Berlin created a magical, dreamy atmosphere with the “Zirkus” exhibition.” Russki Berlin, 26.01.2004

Gogols „Gutsbesitzer Alter Zeit“ in the Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin: “The pure enthusiasm of the actors alone justifies a visit to see this sad tale of humanity.” Berliner Morgenpost, 11.12.2003

„Krieg und Frieden“ in the Schauspielhaus of Dresden: "This is one of Pjotr Fomenko`s most important productions; his studio was awarded the "Golden Mask", Russia´s most prestigeous theatre prize. The tour is a part of the German cultural festival Russische Kulturtage in Deutschland." Sächsische Zeitung, 08.12.2003

„Lachkabinett für einen alleinstehenden Rentner“ in Hamburg´s Thalia Theatre: The Russische Kulturtage bestow Hamburg with two auspicious tours. A glimpse is provided at a land in upheaval, one which, for its inhabitants, is not always a laughing matter." Hamburger Abendblatt, 06.11.2003

„La Divina Commedia“ in the Reithalle Munich: "…the audience is captivated by the ups and downs of human-satanic destinies.(….) A modern persiflage of curiosities, the whole piece is performed without speech." Abendzeitung, Munich, 31.10.2003

Arena Berlin: " Liubimov's productions capture the audience with their bubbling phantasy and musicality, his actors are packed with energy." Berliner Abendblatt, 01.10.2003

100 Russen 100 Russen

Russen" Exhibition, Bahnhof Friedrichstraße, Berlin: " The patchwork of flowered and designed strips of material provides the friendly backdrop for a trip through Russia, during which people of differing social situations meet and strike up friendships." PRINZ, September 2003

Circus Upsala: “A storm of applause with a few saltos as an encore.” Düsseldorfer Nachrichten, 5.08.2003

„ Russland erlesen“ in the Literaturhaus Munich: "Some of the hippest Russian poets will present their works to the Munich public." Süddeutsche Zeitung, 17.07.2003

Möwe Möwe

300 Jahre St. Petersburg" Exhibition: " The rich spectrum of colours, sounds, forms and movement invite the audience to go on a voyage to the Venice of the North, and reveals itself as a tightrope between delight and disgust." www.007-berlin.de, 17.07.2003

Classic Open Air am Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, the opening concert of the Russische Kulturtage: “ Full of grace and joy, fantasy and rhythmical feeling. The audience literally glowed at the sounds.” Berliner Kurier, 10.07.2003

SKIF- Festival in the Kulturbrauerei Berlin: “Matadors of the avant-garde have been invited: Holger Czukay and Fred Frith, Petere Brötzmann and John Cale.” Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, 06.07.2003

Moskauer Tage in Berlin: “The metropolis [Moscow] presents itself with diverse events and exhibitions. The programme is extremely interesting. I highly recommend your taking up the offer.” Klaus Wowereit for the Berliner Kurier, 01.07.2003

„Alternativa St. Petersburg“ in Hamburg: "A further highlight is Derevo`s "Inseln im Strom" production on May 4th and 5th. This avantgarde theatre company was voted best pantomime theatre and best experimental theatre in 2002 at the international theatre festival in Edinburgh, thus receiving two of the main prizes." DIE ZEIT, Nr. 18/ 2003

planeta planeta

„ Planeta“ by Jewgenij Grischkowez in HAU 3, Berlin: "Jewgenij Grischkowez is an amazing conversationalist. With his torrent of words, his humour and the occasional political bite to his texts, he is a melange of Woody Allen and Harald Schmidt." tip, Nr. 23/ 2003