Die Hahn Produktion Theaterformen 1990 -1991


This theatre festival took place in November 1990 and 1991 in Braunschweig and Wolfenbüttel and was highly acclaimed by public and press alike.

The theme for the first year was “William Shakespeare”. It was possible to compare the works of two first-class directors: Peter Brook with “LA TEMPETE”, which was a co-production with C.I.C.T. in Paris, and Peter Stein with “TITUS ANDRONICUS”.


These performances were accompanied by a fringe programme of films, videos, performances and minor productions, presenting Shakespeare in new and uninhibited ways.

In 1991 a concept for commissioned productions was realised. These included "NATHANS TOD" after G.E. Lessing, produced by George Tabori in collaboration with the Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel, as well as the masterly version of Dostojewski’s "DEMONS" by Lev Dodin of the Maly Drama Theater, St. Petersburg.


"How can it be that one experiences a miracle of drama in Braunschweig of all places? Nothing against Brauchschweig, of course; but a miracle, here?" (HANNOVERSCHE ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG)


"Has there ever been anything like it? That Peter Brook and Peter Stein, the two mighty Peters of European theatre, conjure up a somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Shakespeare between the Harz Mountains and the Heath (...)" (TAGESSPIEGEL) "The birth of a new festival. Everybody had come in order to see performances. (...) And anyone you spoke to during those days could tell of all those who had been there." (THEATER HEUTE)


"As the lights faded over Peter Brook's "INSEL DER SELIGEN" cheering broke out: the audience rejoiced over the German premiere of Brook's Paris production of “LA TEMPETE” in Braunschweig on Wednesday with minute after minute of ovations. The full house accorded the Shakespeare show "THEATERFORMEN '90" an appropriately grand opening."

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