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Die Hahn Produktion Tours (Selection) 1991 - 1993

Tours (Selection) 1991 - 1993


A successful exchange between the State of Bavaria and the Ukraine took place during the autumn and winter of 1991. Munich’s Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz travelled to Kiev and Odessa with the ballets ‘’THE GREEN TABLE’’, ‘’CARMINA BURANA’’, ‘’ANTICHE DANZE’’ and ‘’MOOR’S PAVANE’’.


Building on the success of their previous performances, the Staatstheater’s tours were continued in April 1992 with performances of ‘’CARMINA BURANA’’, ‘’PELLEAS AND MELISANDE’’ and ‘’MISS JULIE’’ in Kiev and Moscow. The Opera House in Kiev for children and young people undertook a series of tours to Munich, where they presented six new productions. The production of ‘’GAUDEAMUS’’ by Lev Dodin of the Maly Drama Theater in St. Petersburg, highly acclaimed in Great Britain and France, was a resounding success again during the German tour in November and December of 1992.


Cultural exchanges between Germany and the Ukraine/Russia continued in May 1993 with the tour of Roman Viktjuk’s ‘’M. BUTTERFLY’’ and ‘’LOLITA’’ (‘’the most provoking and amusing director in Moscow’’) to Munich and the ballet company of the Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz appeared with ‘’PEER GYNT’’ in April 1993 in Kiev and St. Petersburg.

Tscheljabinsk´s theatre ensemble appeared for the first time in the West in May 1993. The productions of “DER SELBSTMÖRDER” and “ANTICHRIST” enjoyed enthusiastic receptions in Hannover, Wuppertal and Munich.

The key idea for the organising of LUBIMOVKA was to create a special form of cultural exchange: A temporary theatre academy was formed on the Stanislawski estate, which lies approximately 40 km from Moscow.

The renovation of the attractive buildings began during the end of the 80´s, undertaken by the Russian Theatre Association together with HAHN PRODUKTION. The artistic co-operation between Lubimovka and HAHN PRODUKTION began in September 1993 with composer Stanley Waldon´s musical workshop together with HdK from Berlin, continuing through to 1995 with various seminars on cultural management and theatre design.